Victor Zarou

(French, b. 1930)



            French artist Victor Zarou was born in Gassin, a village near Saint Tropez in 1930. His childhood was immersed in French Art Culture, a feature that highly influenced the young artist. His father, Tony Cardella is also a well-known Impressionist painter, who inspired his son as well.


            Zarou followed his father’s footsteps and at the age of twelve he had his first exhibition and sale. The artist also shared some of his life in the military, and served as a French paratrooper for a couple of years. After he was done with his service, he moved to Paris where he completed his studies at the Art Academy Julian in 1955.  During this time he held exhibitions throughout France, Switzerland, and Sweden.


            In addition to painting, Zarou has made illustrations for books. In 1971 Paris awarded Zarou the Silver Medal for his pieces, and in 1980 he was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor. The artist is also Commander of the French Artists society order.


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