Mel Ramos

(American, b. 1935)

“I try to work every day, even when I’m not motivated. Ritual is very important to me.”

- Mel Ramos


            Artist Mel Ramos was born in Sacramento in the summer of 1935 to Portuguese-Azorean immigrants who had recently arrived in the United States.  He completed secondary education in 1954 and then after he attended Sacramento City College. He afterward completed his Bachelor’s degree at the San Jose State College. During this time he became interested in the female nude and practiced sketching, producing many drawings of voluptuous women either nude or partially nude. He fell in love with Leta, a model of his who is featured in his earlier sketches, in 1955 and married later that year.


            In 1957 Ramos was accepted into the Master’s program at the Sacramento State College and there he studied under Pop artist Wayne Thiebaud. The artist taught art at local high schools Mira Loma and Elk Grove. He participated in-group exhibitions as well and derived inspiration from commercial images of pop culture, such as his mixture of nude women and candy wrappers. In 1964 his first exhibition opened at the Bianchini Gallery located in New York, which really placed him as a noted artist. In 1966 he became a professor at the California State University, and maintained the position for over 30 years.


            Ramos is best known for his mixture of figurative and abstract art. His subjects sometimes incorporate commercially produced items, such as Coca Cola with his nude women. Ramos produced pieces that celebrated the pop culture movement and mass media. His pieces have been exhibited throughout the world, and reproduced in catalogs, books, and periodicals.


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