Rolf Rafflewski

(German, b. 1943)


            German artist Rolf Rafflewski was born in Hanau am Main, Germany in 1943. He began painting at the age of 12, and held his first solo exhibition four years later at sixteen. He studied art at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie in 1961, and afterward moved to Paris. He loved the city so much that he decided to move there permanently. Paris served as one of his muses – the striking boulevards, winding streets, and lush foliage are all subjects in his paintings. He did Drawings and paintings in Montmatre and on the streets demonstrating great virtuosity and also spontaneous freshness.


            For over twenty years, Rafflewski has been active in exhibitions across the world in galleries and museums. San Francisco, Washington, Paris, New York, and Tokyo name several destinations where his work has been exhibited. He has created over one hundred limited-edition lithographs during his time working. The Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris invited Rafflewski to solo exhibit his light and ethereal paintings in 1973.


            The artist is best known for capturing city landscapes, and nature scenes as well. His color palette is rich with color, mostly of light hues. Clear ponds, blooming flowers, and wispy tree branches are all part of his subjects.


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