Max Papart

(French, 1911 - 1994)

“My paintings force the viewer to think, and it is for the viewer to respond to the art based on his own personal experiences.”

- Max Papart

Max Papart was born in Marseille but later moved to Paris where he learned the processes of classic engraving. Then later in 1960 he took up the etching technique by carborundum invented by his friend Henri Goetz. In addition to his studies, he also taught printmaking at the University of Paris VIII-Vincennes.

            Papart not only created art, but also came to concepts with his art such as the “window” in which the viewer can sense past or future, or another place through his pieces. Papart refers to himself as a composer; claiming he composes art, instead of painting it. He works in a cubist fashion, with bright color, line and shape. He incorporates hues of dark and light thus giving the pieces contrast. His pieces have hints of abstract and various textures supplied.

One interesting fact of Papart was he made his own plates, and supervised the processes of his own prints until his death. He was incredibly personal in his art, painting whenever the inspiration struck and letting the creativity flow. His pieces continue to be exhibited in galleries and museums globally, such as Jerusalem, Paris, United States, and many more. The sunny humor and cheerful subjects continue to brighten the minds of people he inspires.

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