Philippe Noyer

(French, 1917 - 1985)

“My paintings are what they appear to be, nothing more nothing less. Some are serious, some are not, but I have always painted what I have felt.”

- Philippe Noyer



            Philippe Noyer was born in June of 1917 in Lyon, France. He studied at the Ecole des Roches, and afterwards Beaux Arts School of Lyon. He then moved to Paris where he studied at the Paul Colin School of Art and experienced Surrealism. His painting career took off in 1943 when he met Paris art dealer Emmanuel David, who put him in contract with the Drouant-David Gallery of Paris.


            Noyer’s work quickly became one of the most sought after portraits in high society of Paris and London. The Drouant-David Gallery of Paris gave him his first solo show in 1947 that was met with great success. During his time with this gallery, he owed his abroad success particularly in the United States to Robert Goldstein, the former President of the 20th Century Fox Movie Company in 1949. Goldstein’s friend Samuel Goldwyn was also a fan of Noyer’s work, and made the artist’s name known on the west coast.


            Noyer and Goldstein carried a long and deep friendship. Goldstein is credited with auctioning and selling much of his work, ultimately owing him his financial success. Noyer focused much of his portraits on celebrities and personalities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Wallace, and Dinah Shore during this period. As his art matured however, he focused on slender and delicate ladies for his subjects.


            Many of the elegant ladies that he paints are sitting in chairs, long legs crossed, and staring off. Many of his portraits favor a light palette, however others carry a black background highly contrasting the woman or subject in his piece. There is a variety with colors and subject in his pieces, but most carry the common theme of women accompanied by foliage of some sort. Flowers and plants weave into the piece, and sometimes animals such as leopards or big cats.


            Noyer’s honesty with himself and his pieces earned him a worldwide reputation. Currently his oil paintings and watercolors number over 2,000 displayed in private collections, museums, and galleries worldwide.


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