Take Me Out To The Ballgame

In celebration of this baseball season, American Fine Art is proud to announce the Mellinger of the Month!

            Who knew that baseball could look so enticing? From the Hollywood Collection of Frederick Mellinger this major league work would complement any room with its presence and playful gaze. Mellinger’s baseball player is filled with duality and innovativeness both conceptually and in execution. The model wears Mellinger’s overall design that is dripping in sex appeal. When a woman’s sexiest curves are revealed, overalls suddenly become not only acceptable, but also desired. As with all Mellinger girls this one has her distinct personality with a confident pose pushing one hip out as she stretches the bat behind her shoulders she flashes a spunky outward glance that says “Put me in Coach!”  Her long toned leg draws our eye to the baseball positioned just beyond her high heeled slingbacks. Mellinger strove to allow every woman to feel beautiful and sexy, this design hits it out of the park!

This is one of a few pencil drawings in the Hollywood Collection with no added color and heavy use of shading accentuating every curve and dramatizing the cheekbone and décolleté.  As with all original works from the collection this piece is accompanied by The Hollywood Collection of Frederick Mellinger catalogue raisonné.

The Hollywood Collection of Frederick Mellinger encompasses years of creative development and Mr. Frederick's genius. Spanning across several genres, Mellinger's creations have brought shock, appeal, and dynamic revolution to the lingerie and fashion industries alike. The collection includes original paintings, drawings, photographs, and more. These highly coveted and sought-after original designs are one-of-a-kind Mellinger creations; these pieces fire the imagination and stir the senses. The Hollywood Collection of Frederick Mellinger catalogue raisonné chronicles the insight, beauty, elegance and sexy nature of Frederick Mellinger's "Hollywood Collection". We all know of the accolades and historical achievements of Frederick Mellinger and Frederick's of Hollywood. He single-handedly pioneered his dreams and fantasies into a business that became a household name. Frederick's of Hollywood made sexy and intimate apparel a hot topic of discussion, as well as the timeless fashion sensation it remains today.

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