Takashi Murakami

(Japanese, b. 1962)


“Rather than a big figure, I guess you could say I’m more of an influential minority symbol.”

- Takashi Murakami


            Takashi Murakami was born and raised in Tokyo Japan, where from an early age he was a fan of anime and manga. He became interested in the animation industry, and attended the Tokyo University of the Arts to study animation skills. However, he eventually majored and earned a Ph. D. in Nihonga, which is the ‘traditional’ style of Japanese painting. He began to explore contemporary styles, after becoming disillusioned with Nihonga’s highly political world.


            A lot of Murakami’s upbringing was associated with the aftermath of WWII. Japan created a national identity to revive traditional culture, while also placing pressure to compete with the West economically and culturally. This influenced Murakami to attend Buddhist rituals, attending Japanese calligraphy courses, and visiting museums to learn from masters such as Renoir and Goya.


            Aside from the artistic genius Murakami has produced, he has also personally mentored the next generation of Japanese artists and named himself as the guru of the generation. He employs these young artists at his factories, curates exhibitions of their works, and also writes essays that sum their work with the legacy of modern Japanese art.


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