Mark King

(British, b. 1931) 

“I make no judgments about what I see- there is no right and wrong—it is there to be assimilated.”

-Mark King

            Mark King, the internationally exhibited artist, has an identifiable style that exudes through each of his masterpieces. The artist exhibits a post-war impressionist style mixed with contemporary sports moments. He calls himself the “unobserved observer, ” making no judgments about what he sees, only absorbing the view with his brush and canvas. 

            Born in Bombay, India to British parents, King’s upbringing was one of exotic experience and privileged education. After graduating from La Martiniere College in Calcutta at 16 years old, he attended Bournemouth College of Art to study painting, sculpture, architecture, and theatre design. After deciding to focus on painting, he moved to Paris to study at Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Louvre. This experience heavily influenced his impressionistic style, following the success of other European masters.

            As a landscape painter in France, King began to expand his subject matter to include sports once he came to America. Introducing this new component to his artwork developed a need for King to use a camera, and he began using photographs as a reference. His versatility and brilliant color palate has made King a highly sought after artist. The texture, tranquil subject matter, and maturity of his art have earned him a place among the 20th century masters.

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