Tiefeng Jiang

(Chinese, b. 1938)

            Chinese artist Tiefeng Jiang was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in China. He began exploring painting and arts as a small child, and knew he found his passion. In 1964, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Jiang and other artists volunteered to move to the Yunnan province to continue art.

            From 1966 to 1973 Jiang was forced by the Chinese Government to create “Socialist Realism” propaganda sculptures and posters, a tedious task. During the night he risked rejecting the government’s social realism, as he would work in his small space to explore his own style and find some artistic escape. He and two other artists founded the “Yunnan School” in secret. It was first exhibited outside communist China in Hong Kong at the Institute of Art and Design in 1982.

            Also in 1982 a National Geographic reporter who was investigating life in China discovered Jiang’s paintings; the pieces were taken to the United States and became popular. The following year Jiang visited the United States on a cultural exchange program through the University of Southern California. Shortly after his program, he permanently moved to the United States in 1984.     

            Jiang’s universal themes compose of love, strength, and emotion understood and recognized by all. The message his art transposes is the bonds of harmony and peace that all things living should practice daily to achieve.                                                                                                                                                                            

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