David Hockney

(English, b. 1937)

“Art has to move you and design does not, unless it’s a good design for a bus.”

- David Hockney


            David Hockney was born in Bradford, England in 1937. As a child, he relished books and took an interest in art especially admiring Picasso and Matisse. His parent’s encouraged their son to explore his abilities. In his young adult years he attended Bradford College of Art between 1953 and 1957. After a couple years serving in hospitals to fulfill his national service requirement, he pursued graduate school at the Royal College of Art in London. Here he became acquainted with other young artists Peter Blake and Allen Jones. Hockney was a successful student who’s paintings won prizes and were purchased as well.      

            Hockney’s derived inspiration from poems and literary works of Walt Whitman. He was well diverse in multi-media works and took inspiration from beyond paintings and sculpture. His style was unlike most pop artists; he was quite fascinated with Cubism and incorporated it well, combining multiple scenes in one piece. In 1963, Hockney visited California and quickly fell in love with the heat and light it offered him and moved there officially in 1966. It was in California where he received the inspiration and completed A Bigger Splash, one of his most famous pieces. By the 1970s his style evolved from expressionist to realist. It was also during this time that he temporarily relinquished painting for photography and theatre costume design.          

            Later in the 80s, he returned to painting subjects of seascape, flowers, and loved ones. Technological advances began to rise, and Hockney mixed the two to form a new type of media. He used a photocopier in 1986 to create his first homemade prints, and later used fax machines and laser printers in 1990. In 2009 he took advantage of painting apps, such as Brushes on iPhone and iPad to create new art. These paintings were later exhibited at the Royal Museum of Ontario. Hockney’s pieces deliberately deconstruct proportion, linear perspective, and theory of color to demonstrate that opposites can peacefully coexist; orthodoxies can be broken down, revealing a message of tolerance in both the world of art, politically, and socially. Hockney was determined to reveal his message to the world through his creativity.


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