Damien Hirst

(English, b. 1965)


“The difference between art about death and actual death is that one’s a celebration and the other’s a dull fact.”

- Damien Hirst


            Damien Hirst was born in Bristol, England in 1965. He was raised Catholic, and this religious education plays an important role in his art. Pathology books that demonstrated disease, injury, and anatomy fascinated him.

            In his earlier years as a teenager, the young artist sometimes exhibited wild and troublesome behavior. He was a serious student, but showed skills in art. Although his youth may have been rocky, Hirst went on to study at the Goldsmith’s College at the University of London. During the summer months on break, Hirst worked at a mortuary home in his hometown Leeds. This experience proved influential to his works he created in the future. He practiced sketching cadavers that became the base of his ability to convert dead animals into works of art.

In his second year at Goldsmith’s, Hirst collaborated with fellow students Fiona Rae, Sarah Lucas, and others for “Freeze” an exhibition held in an old warehouse in 1988. He and the other students became associated with the Young British Artists movement, and Hirst remains a main figure today. The movement became popular through their unusual choice of materials and odd concepts.

            Not everybody was a fan of his works, however art collector Charles Saatchi was enamored by his style and greatly propelled Hirst’s career by financially supplementing the artist with virtually no limit. In 1991, Hirst held his first solo exhibition at the Woodstock Street Gallery in London. The Young British Artists show at Saatchi Gallery the following year displayed The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, a dead body of a shark persevered by formaldehyde, possibly stemmed from his infatuation with death and disease.

            Besides being a successful artist, Hirst has proved himself a successful businessman as well. His selling prices are among the highest in the world in the art business, and he also produced his own skateboard line in 2011 to improve the accessibility of art. Hirst continues to create pieces based on controversial subjects that fuel his contributions on the ever-dynamic world of art.

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