Claude Fossoux

(French, b. 1946) 

Claude Fossoux was born in 1946 in Paris, France. He was able to enroll at the Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux Arts also in Paris and attended for four years. Fossoux also frequented the studio of Chapelin-Midy and Pierre Caron around this time. His inspirations arise from Impressionists Sisley, Pissarro, and Renoir specifically. The strongest influences however are Claude Monet and Van Eyck and their styles are reflected in Fossoux’s works.

Fossoux is known for blending the techniques of these two great masters to create his own signature art. His favorite subjects include painting young women garnished with flowers and ribbons, cafés, children outside in airy parks or gardens. His specialty involves capturing multiple textures through a fresh color palette. His shimmering spring like works of art evoke a sense of peace and tranquility as he captures earth’s natural beauty. Critics say that the light is alive in Claude Fossoux's paintings; it seems to come from the back of the canvas. His palette of fresh and shimmering colors, spangled with light, produces a style of painting both vibrant and joyous. All of Claude Fossoux's works are luminous and spring-like.

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