Malcolm Farley

(American, b. 1957) 

"Everyday there will always be an image that is embedded into the consciousness of society that makes us proud, wowed, or makes us want to stand up and cheer. I will always be driven to bring that moment in time to life, and I will always give thanks for being able to do so.”

-       Malcolm Farley


Malcolm Farley is an American realism artist who creates stunning works, which capture the memorable moments of action and the suspense of events. With bold strokes of vibrant color, vivid athletes, and the ability to make each viewer feel as if they were in the moment, Farley is certainly an immensely talented artist.

Farley began painting at eight years old, not only influenced by the thrill of watching sports, but the energy that radiated off of athletes. His portfolio of successes includes painting for the Olympics, the Academy Awards, the US Open, the World Series, and the NBA. He has also done live paintings on stage for numerous celebrities and musicians, including B.B. King, Time McGraw, Faith Hill, and Carlos Santana. He has created marine and wildlife paintings for several museums and aquariums. He is one of the most booked live-action artists and continues to paint today.

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