Pierre Boncompain

(French, b. 1938)


“Painting is the creation of silence.”

- Pierre Boncompain


Pierre Boncompain was born in Provence in 1938. Backed by the support of his parents, Boncompain graduated first class at the French National Academy of Decorative Arts. Afterward he studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts. His style is earthy, and mainly depicts Southern France and its environment.  Most of his works were done in Paris and exude modern French styles with hints of Matisse and Gauguin. 

In 1970 the Museum of Modern Art selected Boncompain for the Charles Pacquement prize. Later in 1977, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent him on a cultural mission to India in which he brought back batiks. In 2000 Boncompain completed a mural at the Johnson and Johnson Foundation in Hamilton, New Jersey. Boncompain practices various mediums, including tapestries, ceramics, oils, and pastels and frequently exhibits around the world including Japan, China, and the United States.

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