An Arizona native, AtZ was born in the 80’s and has been immersed in street art, painting and creation from a very young age.  AtZ works predominantly in acrylics, spray paint, and stencil.  Having had no formal art training, he looks to his predecessors in the world of street art like Crash, Banksy and Bambi; as well as the Pop Art masters including Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  AtZ finds himself particularly drawn to Renaissance art, greatly impacted by the works he saw in museums.  He sees a parallel between his work and Renaissance art, which sought to capture the experience of the individual and the beauty and mystery of the world.  He continues to grow with each painting considering each work of art created as an integral part of his artistic journey that teaches him something valuable to carry forward.  He describes painting and the act of creation as the thing that brings him peace. AtZ finds his inspiration in everyone he meets and the world around him.

AtZ is the emerging urban artist exclusively represented by American Fine Art, Inc. The messages he paints can be direct and witty or profound yet simplistic. His thought-provoking and engaging compositions do not sacrifice aesthetic beauty for deeper meaning; AtZ believes in creating works that are as visually pleasing as they are philosophically and soulfully appealing.

AtZ has described his process as transcending explaining, “My creations are like unconscious thought flowing out of me with great intensity and passion and the result takes my breath away.” Since exhibiting his work, the clients and guests at American Fine Art have felt the same enthusiasm for his finished creations.  In our recent exhibit American Fine Street Art, AtZ works adorned the walls intermixed with Banksy, Brainwash, Dotmaster, dv8, Kaws, Simmons, Warhol, and Bambi with many clients selecting AtZ works as their absolute favorite. This alone speaks volumes of the interest, appeal, and collectability of this new and emerging artist.

Like a few other contemporary street artists, AtZ highly values his anonymity, preferring to live a private life to personal fame and notoriety.  Unlike some other urban artists, he has a strong belief in the originality and uniqueness of paintings over printing, allowing each of his collectors to own a one-of-a-kind work of art.  As he continues to create and show his work for the world to see and judge, the jury is already back with the unanimous verdict.  His work, his style, his fresh approach to the old school of back alley graffiti and new highbrow street art has made it to the realm of fine art and so far, his fans and collectors cannot get enough.  The color and power of the symbols he has brought to life will continue to spread his vision and artistic genius.  An intellectual talent blended with the rare passion and ability to convey a gritty message the covers the world all the way from anarchy to zillionaires it’s all painted by AtZ.