Cecilia Garcia Amaro

(Mexican, b. 1953)

"For me, making a painting is not a process driven by reason, is a spontaneous act, a dynamic corporal action, which allows me to breathe freely feelings in forms and colors converted arranged in a nonexistent atmosphere. "

–      Cecilia Garcia Amaro

Cecilia's art is an active representation of her love for her native land: Mexico. Her soul shines through her paintings, whether a still life, landscape, or abstraction of color and design that is vivid in her imagination. Amaro’s vivid palette, imaginative style, and abstract design features can all be traced back to her Mexican heritage. Her art transcends all geographical boundaries, as she combines her visual art with poetic and musical interpretations. Amaro's vivid, yet soft paintings reflect a rhythm that can be also found in her music and poetry. It is truly rare to have the opportunity to "read, listen and see the expressions of an artist".

Cecilia Garcia Amaro was born in 1953, in the City of Guadalajara. During the 1960's Cecilia moved with her family to Nuevo Leon, where she studied Interior Design at the Superior Institute of Art and Culture. In 1980, she relocated to Baja, California, where she has had the honor of participating in many diverse artists' collective exhibitions. Cecilia held her first exhibition in the Disarte Gallery in Tijuana, Baja California. Amaro has been featured in over 60 exhibitions in numerous locations, including the University Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum Amparo, the Art Center in Norfolk, Virginia, the Mexican Embassy in Los Angeles, California, as well as the Mexican Embassy located in San Diego, California. Her work is featured alongside such Mexican masters as Jose Clemente Orozco and Rivera, in Mexico City’s Industrial's Club, which features a Pelegri Clave, dating back to 1849.

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