Alvar Sunol Munoz-Ramos

(Spanish, b. 1935)

Regardless of medium the multifaceted contemporary artist employs, Munoz-Ramos speaks from his soul about what is important to him: peace, family, love, beauty, nature, art, music, and humanity. His works feature feminine or androgynous figures that embody an earthiness and solidity yet have an ethereal quality. Women are prominent in his pieces, as a representation of life, family and generations. The symbolism in Alvar's art entices the viewer into an artistic treasure hunt to find and identify the iconography he uses to share his messages and his thoughts about life — thoughts that people around the globe relate to and share.

Alvar Sunol Munoz-Ramos was born in Montgat, a fishing village off the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona. He began painting at age twelve, and after exhibiting exceptional talent, was accepted at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Jorge at age 17. Before graduating, he exhibited his first solo exhibition at Galleries Layetana in Barcelona in 1957. At age 18, Alvar entered a painting in a competition for the Young Painters Prize sponsored by the City of Barcelona. His painting won the grand prize and it is now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain.

Due to his early artistic success, Alvar received many invitations for shows in other Spanish cities. During his military service, he submitted one of his canvases for the Institut Francais annual painting competition in Barcelona. The Institut Francais awarded him the grand prize and a scholarship to study in Paris. Alvar arrived in Paris to paint in 1959. He met Juan Fuentes, a fellow Spaniard and director of the prestigious Parisian Galerie Drouant. Fuentes encouraged Alvar in his painting and brought Alvar's first group of Paris oil paintings to the gallery. Fuentes' gallery sold the paintings in one week.

Alvar's paintings were exhibited in the United States for the first time at the Monede Gallery, New York in 1962. Alvar produced his first original lithographs for a one man show at Galerie Drouant in 1963. Shifting gears towards sculpture and public art in later years, a sculpture of Alvar was placed on a street in the Boulogne Billancourt area of Paris. Alvar has exhibited regularly throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and Japan and his works continue to be shown in museums and galleries worldwide.

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